DSCF6905“We wanted to thank you so much for making the service so beautiful.

“We had so many comments on how rousing the hymns were and how beautifully the choir sang.”

Cantabile is a variable sized groups of singers available to sing at special events such as weddings or funerals, taken from the larger chamber choir Cantores.

We can provide any size group according to your needs and the venue, but do get booked up many months in advance.

The norm for smaller churches is about 8 singers, but we can provide more if needed. If you know what music you want. or if you’d like some ideas, we will do our best to deliver.

If you’d like to know more, to enquire about prices or discuss a specific event, then please do get in touch, either by using the form below, or by ringing Lynne Whitworth on 01453 840878.

“Thank you so much for the fantastic job you and your choir did for our wedding. It was nice having a choir there to lead the congregation and “Ave Maria” was superb!”

“Please convey a huge thankyou to everyone present in Cantabile for the wonderful singing at Simon and Fiona’s wedding which made the service a truly memorable occasion.”

“We would like to thank all who formed Cantabile for the magnificent contribution you made to Alex and Andy’s wedding service. So many comments were made about your glorious singing and how it encouraged the whole congregation to join in with gusto.”

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